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The Natasha Denona Pro Brush Set is unparalleled in the busy global arena of professional makeup. Numerous makeup artists worldwide prefer these unique brushes – for their fine effects, exceptional results and remarkable user-friendliness.


The incomparable quality of Natasha's brushes stems from one critical fact: they have been methodically designed by a creative, professional makeup artist who has applied her expertise to thousands of faces over many years. It was Natasha's extensive experience and knowhow that enabled her to build such artist-friendly brushes, perfectly shaped for different facial areas – eyes, cheekbones, lips etc. As a special bonus, the brushes are stored in a unique pouch - which also serves as a complete, compact, handsomely designed makeup stand.


Natasha Denona's makeup brushes are made of either natural or synthetic hair, as needed. All natural hair is supplied by companies that strictly avoid animal abuse.



  • Including 21 brushes (#1 - #21)


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Directions for cleaning and maintenance
  • Store brushes inside pouch in a standing position.

  • Avoid rubbing brushes roughly, to prevent loss of hair.

  • Clean and disinfect brushes after every use, with a cleaning solution specially formulated for makeup brushes.

  • For brushes made of natural hair:

    • Shampoo and apply conditioner before initial use.

    • Shampoo and apply conditioner once every two weeks.

    • Please note! Brush handles are made of wood. Make sure they stay dry when you wash the hair!

    • After washing squeeze and shake brushes gently to discard excess water.

    • Important!  Do not dry brushes in a standing position! To dry, place them on a dry towel.

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