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For Natasha Denona makeup is an art, interlacing her profound love of aesthetics with creativity, precision, skill and technique. And yet, Natasha feels that makeup is different from other forms of art: it is a living art, a profoundly personal creation for and of the moment. A work of makeup, in her view, is an exquisite, totally unique composition, specially crafted for the face of one woman, at a specific point in time, for a particular event or purpose. 


Thus the right makeup, according to Natasha, cannot be a dominating 'mask' that obscures the uniqueness of an individual face. Instead, it must be accurately and delicately tailored to every woman – her features, the tone and texture of her skin, her overall style and personality, her preferences, her age, and even her mood at a particular moment. Therefore, the first step in any high-quality makeup routine is observation. Before applying a single stroke of color, the makeup artist must take a good look at the face before him/her, and devise an intelligent strategy to bring out its finest qualities. The artist's main objective is to optimize the customer's appearance, using techniques, tones and substances that will blend in well, enhancing strong points, correcting imperfections, and changing the overall look in a pleasing, becoming way.   


These principles, comprising Natasha's modern makeup vision, were no less than revolutionary when she first introduced them in the early 1990s. Since then they have been the sound foundation for her impressive professional growth. Based on her breakthrough concepts, she has developed unique artistic techniquesand created award-winning looks, applying her art to the faces of numerous models, celebrities, actresses, brides and many other customers. Expounding her ideas, she has taught and mentored hundreds of students at her own Natasha Denona Makeup Academy. 


Today, Natasha's unique makeup vision serves as the driving force behind her own new, stunningly modern line of makeup products, already acclaimed by makeup connoisseurs worldwide. Combining a novel concept with original cutting-edge formulas, this innovative, remarkably user-friendly collection targets every woman at any age who wants to look her very best at all hours of the day or night. In a truly up-to-the-minute, 21st century spirit, it allows today's woman to match colors and textures for herself, and create a seamless, total, wholly personal look. Moreover, using Natasha's products, the dynamic makeup enthusiast may easily change her look as she chooses: to suit her moods and activities, the time of day or the seasons of the year…

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