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The Natasha Denona Makeup Academy offers an advanced fashion makeup course, targeting the Academy's own students and graduates, as well as makeup artists holding certificates from other schools, who work in the local or international markets. Course graduates are awarded the Top Fashion Degree Natasha Denona (TFD PRO).


Natasha Denona, widely recognized for her outstanding international career in fashion makeup, has personally developed this unique course for the benefit of tomorrow's professional makeup artists. Teaching classes in person, she shares her extensive knowledge, modern methods and artistic inspiration with her students. Her own highly acclaimed makeup worksare included in the curriculum and used to demonstrate key principles of Natasha's unique professional approach.   


Natasha Denona's TFD PRO course trains professional makeup artists for the global fashion industry. Upon graduation, Natasha's students are ready to create original looks for highly diverse projects and customers, including: fashion magazines, fashion shows, music clips, stage performances, musicals, films, TV and more.





The TFD PRO syllabus includes: 

  • 8 lessons taught personally by Natasha Denona, covering the following topics:
  • The history of makeup
  • Lighting & makeup
  • Makeup from different periods in history
  • Modern makeup
  • Avant-garde makeup
  • Practical training: special techniques using makeup accessories
  • Final project: shooting for the student's personal portfolio with a leading fashion photographer and models from top agencies
  • Hands-on experience in fashion productions and fashion shows

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